What We Create

Cinnamon Buns

We have been told that we make the "Island's Best Cinnamon Buns". Maybe it's because we added love at every stage. Creating them takes a lot of time and care, and often overnight by our dedicated team. Each step is carefully completed, the first as wonderful as the last.

Cream Cheese & Sliced Almond | Sliced Almond | Blueberry Almond | Chocolate Pecan | Orange Poppy Seed | Blackberry Apricot Ginger | Peanut Butter Cream Cheese | Raisin Spice | Bun of the Month!

Add a latté, take a seat by the window and watch the world drifting down First Avenue. Share one with your love and reminisce about when the kids were small. Or when you first met. Make a new memory.


We have many different types of breads to suit your taste, from Caraway Poppyseed to Flax, 8 Grain to Sourdough, Italian Focaccia to Raisin.

Each has its own unique character and ingredients, requiring an expert knowledge in preparation, baking, and finish.

Our dedicated bakers fill the racks each morning so they are ready for the first customer. Ready for you.

Try something new or stick to an old favourite.


Birthday, anniversary, graduation. Whatever the occasion, make it that extra bit special by choosing your personalized message, adding a flower, and selecting the size, flavour and filling.

Once you have ordered and paid, confirm the pickup time with our staff, then head to the front of an existing queue to pick up. Just don't go ordering anything extra. 😉

Pies & Pastries

Our pies are made from scratch, just like Grandma's! We offer Apple, Strawberry Rhubarb, Apple Berry Crumble, Pecan, Lemon Meringue, and Banana Cream.

We also have a wide variety of pastries including Pain au Chocolat, cinnamon rolls (a relation to the bun), scones, butter croissants, brioche, muffins. Anything that goes well with a latté.

When you are in line, you can see them all through the glass. Just keep your hands to yourself.


Come for lunch or grab a savoury pastry to go. Choose from a sausage roll, curry pocket, chicken pot pie, steak and mushroom pie, or a Cornish pastie, made to the standards you would expect in Cornwall.

We also offer a wide variety of sandwiches, fresh salads, and home made soups made fresh daily.

Try a quiche, tortilla pie, pre-made lasagne or shepherd's pie to take home and eat later.

For the Kids (and Parents)

The smallest things take the most delicate hands to create and eat. Kids love sugar cookies and treats, not only for the bright colours but the designs and ideas we come up with.

When it's Valentine's Day, you'll find love heart cookies. For Christmas, there is always Santa. At Halloween, we have a lot of scary fun! Plus we have the popular chocolate chip, oatmeal, and double chocolate chunk!

Cream puffs draped in chocolate go down well (literally), the raspberry cream cheese muffins are a delight, and the cupcakes are, well, cupcakes.

Have you checked out our amazing gingerbread house at Christmas? Every year, we think Geoff outdoes himself!

Find us in Ladysmith, BC

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